In the past, I’ve talked about how to stop RV roof leaks and how to keep your sewer hose from leaking, but now I’d like to talk about how to keep you from leaking. Blood, that is.

I think I’m like most folks when I say that I’m accident-prone to at least a slight degree. Some of my friends would argue about the word “slight,” but I do occasionally damage myself, and it usually leads to some part of me bleeding. In the past, I would dab at my gash or poke with a paper towel (or something even less sanitary) and eventually get the bleeding to stop.

Recently, I learned about a really handy product called WoundSeal. It is a powder compound designed to stop minor bleeding (leaks) almost instantly. I just pour the powder onto the wound to completely cover it, apply pressure to it for a moment and the bleeding is stopped! The WoundSeal compound forms a protective scab and can be left in place to protect the wound until it heals. WoundSeal comes in small packets that will fit easily into your wallet or pocket, and all you have to do is tear it open and pour. Now, obviously, this is not intended for major wounds, but it is great for those little nicks and scrapes that bleed like crazy and make a mess.

WoundSeal is available at CVS and Walgreens drug stores, and it can also be purchased online. For more information, go to http://www.woundseal.com.

Complete Product Name: WoundSeal Powder

Company Name and Info: Biolife, L.L.C | Sarasota, FL | 800-722-7559 | http://www.woundseal.com.

Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/31Q1yTT

Average Street Price: 4-packs for $6.99

Original Publication Date: MA/14