Fun with Cones

No, not ice cream cones, those orange traffic cones! First, we have a neat, new cone idea that’s perfect for RVers: the DisposaCone. They come three to a package and are 18-inches-tall folding traffic cones.


They are bright orange with reflectorized surfaces, and the package is small and flat so it will easily fit into a small space. Should you need to use them, you simply unfold them and peel off the tab on the bottom to expose a sticky substance. It’s designed to stick to almost anything, including asphalt and concrete surfaces. When you no longer need them, just pull them loose and throw them away! These are a great thing to have if you get a flat tire or break down along the road.

For more information or to order, go to They sell them in boxes of a dozen three-packs for around $95, or you can buy two three-packs for about $20 direct from the manufacturer online. You can also get them from independent resellers, but it’s a new product, so there aren’t that many resellers yet. Your best bet might be to chip in with friends on a box to save money. Their site also offers reseller and affiliate programs.

Keep it Clean

Then, thanks to Dennis and HollyAnn Rogers #106587 for sending in this great gadget tip:

Hi, Mark. We have a gadget for you. Rather than having your water filter wallow in the mud out by the sewer hookup, buy a traffic cone, lop off the top and viola! Not only do you keep your water filter neat and clean, but with this lovely shade of international orange, you probably won’t ever trip over it again. Cool, huh? This one was about eight bucks at the local Tractor Supply.

What a great idea! That’s my favorite kind of gadget: taking something and repurposing it to serve a new function! If you travel with an external-cartridge water filter, this is an excellent way to protect it while in use.

I’m always looking for new RV gadgets, so if you’ve got a favorite, drop me a line and let me know. If I feature it in the column, you’ll get credit for discovering it!

Complete Product Name: DisposaCone

Company Name and Info: DisposaCone |

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Average Street Price: Two 3 packs for $19.98

Original Publication Date: JA/11