GlowStep Revolution

For years, the RV industry has needed a better entry-step option for raised trailers and pickup campers. I’ve seen seriously unstable and barely-usable steps on these types of RVs. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better solution?

Well now, a better option is available: GlowStep Revolution from Torklift. This step system is designed to easily replace existing steps. It can also span a height of more than four feet, so it’s perfect for truck campers, too. Constructed of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, the steps include an ingenious leveling system for the bottom step. The system is available in step counts from two to six, with two different widths and has a lifetime guarantee.

The GlowStep Revolution is sure to be a significant improvement for any RV, and an essential for RVs with a higher-than-usual entrance-step height. And, it even glows in the dark!

Okay, I have a confession. When I researched the product, it was apparent that I’d need to install it on an RV to test it. Mine didn’t need it, and I couldn’t find a volunteer who’d let me hack up their RV, so I was unable to test it myself. Regardless, I wanted to feature it in my column because I think it’s a cool gadget, and I know there are RVers out there who really need it.

Complete Product Name: Glowstep Revolution

Company Name and Info: Torklift International | 322 Railroad Ave. N, Kent, WA 98032 | 800-246-8132 |

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Average Street Price: $500-$700

Original Publication Date: ND/17