Compact Saw

I’m always on the lookout for small tools that make RVing easier, and I’m really pleased with this little saw.

Made by Black & Decker, it is a very small cordless jig saw. It accepts a wide variety of blades, so you can cut metal, plastic or wood. Need to trim a tree branch? Cut up firewood? Work on a project? This little saw will do it. The lithium battery stays charged in storage up to 18 months, so it will always be ready to go.

The keyless blade chuck allows easy blade changes, and it even has an LED work light that illuminates the work surface for better cutting results. I picked up a package of assorted “T-Shank” blades for a few bucks, and I have used it quite a bit. It isn’t super powerful, so don’t plan to cut a bunch of 2x4s, but it’s fine for lighter cutting tasks. The only issue I have had is the trigger safety lock is a bit annoying, but, overall, it is a great little tool and takes up little room in your tool kit.

You can find it in most Lowe’s stores and numerous places online. List price is about $75, but I have seen them on sale for under $40 at

Complete Product Name: Black & Decker LPS7000 Lithium-Ion Compact Saw

Company Name and Info: Black & Decker |

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Average Street Price: List price: $75

Original Publication Date: ND/14