Collapsible Stepladder

A ladder is a great thing to have along on your RV journey. The only problem is, most ladders are bulky, heavy and hard to transport.

You can strap them to your roof access ladder on the rig, or cram them into a compartment somewhere, but why bother when you can carry a full-sized stepladder that folds into an incredible 3.5″x3.5″x73″ package? That is small enough to fit inside the typical RV rear bumper!

The ladders are made by GP Logistics and are available in several sizes. Take a look at http://www.ladder-guy. com. They offer a selection of folding stepladders at good prices. I have owned the six-foot, single-sided version for 15 years, and I have used it a lot. It doesn’t look new anymore, but it still works fine, and that says a lot for its durability. I stow mine in the rear bumper on my RV, but the ladder’s small size allows it to fit into many other places. I recommend the six-footer size because it is tall enough for almost any job, and it only weighs 15 pounds. (The weight limit for this ladder is 225 lbs.)

Complete Product Name: Six-foot, collapsible stepladder

Company Name and Info: GP Logistics

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Average Street Price: $110-$130

Original Publication Date: JA/13