RV travel is a series of adventures. Some are the fun and entertaining kind of adventures, and some are in the “oops” category.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of all-purpose, fix-anything gadget in our toolbox for those “other” adventures? With a roll of this stuff, you’ll be prepared for just about anything! No, I’m not talking about duct tape, which is something I am never without at home or on the road. I’m referring to EternaBond—duct tape taken to a whole new level! This product is a thick, flexible tape with a weather-proof outer skin, and it will stick permanently to almost anything. From the manufacturer’s descriptions: More and more people are trusting EternaBond® for permanent repairs on nonpressurized leaks. EternaBond®’s MicroSealant® adhesive provides a permanent bond to virtually all surfaces. When properly installed, MicroSealants™ will bond to almost any selected substrate, resulting in a waterproof seal. MicroSealants™ are self-healing.

I have personally used EternaBond to permanently repair leaks on rubber, fiberglass and metal roofs. I have also used it to repair plastic holding tanks, and to weatherproof electrical boxes and enclosures. Other RVers have used it to repair compartment door and RV sidewall damage and even as an emergency measure to hold a “popped” windshield in place until it could be repaired. It sticks to any surface with a strength that has to be seen to be believed. I have even successfully repaired a tear in a vinyl awning with it, and it is still holding five years later. It is affordable insurance for those inevitable “oops” moments, like when a tree branch tears a hole in your rubber roof. Available in rolls and sheets of varying sizes and widths, it is something that every RVer should carry.

Complete Product Name: EternaBond® MicroSealant® repair tape

Company Name and Info: Eternabond | | 888-336-BOND (2663)

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Average Street Price: A 4' x 25' roll is around $50.

Original Publication Date: SO/13