Keep a Dinosaur in Your Tool Box

The technology used in RV propane appliances, like the refrigerator, water heater and furnace, has advanced very little in the last 20 years.

One of the things that didn’t change is the fact that almost all of these appliances use an electronic igniter board to control the gas valve and light the propane flame. These original equipment manufacturer (OEM) igniter boards are somewhat prone to failure and are quite expensive to replace. If your RV is more than six years old, chances are you will have one or more of these boards quit on you in the near future (if you haven’t had one die already). You can purchase the OEM boards as a replacement, but there is a much better solution: Consider an igniter board made by Dinosaur Electronics.

Dinosaur Electronics make boards to fit almost every RV gas appliance ever made, and their boards are built better than, work better than and last longer than the originals. Plus, their igniter boards are jumper-configurable, so one universal board will work in most water heaters, most furnaces and many RV refrigerators! That means you can carry a single board as a spare and use it in whichever appliance that fails. Dinosaur has been making replacement igniter and control boards for RVs since 1993, so they really know the business. They manufacture a wide range of replacement boards for RV appliances, and all of their igniter boards come with a three-year warranty. You can visit their Website at http://www.dinosaurelectronics. com for information on their products, and Dinosaur boards can be purchased from most RV parts sources. Prices range from under $50 up to $250, depending on the board in question. Their universal igniter board that works in most appliances can typically be found for under $100. I carry one with me in my RV, and in the last two years I have had to replace the old factory boards in both my refrigerator and my water heater with Dinosaur boards. Swapping the boards is a snap for the average do-it-yourself-capable RVer and will save you the expense and hassle of taking the RV in for service. I highly
recommend them!

Complete Product Name: Igniter board

Company Name and Info: Dinosaur Electronics | 1160 SE 27th St. | Lincoln City, OR 97367 | 541-994-4344 |

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Average Street Price: $50-$250

Original Publication Date: ND/12