If you worry about your pet’s safety and comfort when you need to leave them alone in your RV, well, here’s a gadget that will help to calm your fears. The Waggle RV Pet Temperature Monitor works with an app on your cell phone. It monitors the temperature inside your RV and alerts you if it exceeds set-points you’ve programmed into it.

RVs typically aren’t well insulated and, over the years, I’ve heard sad stories about folks who left their pets in their rig in an RV park on a hot summer day with the air conditioning running. During a day of hiking or exploring, the power went off, or the A/C failed, and the temperature rose inside the RV until it was dangerous or fatal to the pets left inside. The Waggle monitor protects your pets by monitoring the temperature, humidity and heat index in real time and alerts you via e-mail, text or app when there is a problem. It also monitors the A/C power and tells you if there is a power failure. The device has a built-in battery, so, even if the power is out, it continues to monitor the temperature and keep you posted.

There’s an app for both android and IOS, and it installed easily on my cell phone. The app is easy to navigate, and it gets the job done by allowing you to set temperature alarms and communication preferences. The monitor is a small device that can be mounted to a wall or cabinet. It connects via cellular network, so no WiFi or Internet connection is required. I was impressed by how reliable that cellular connection was, as I did my testing in a remote area with poor cell coverage. I placed the unit in the RV, a metal building, the freezer and even a gun safe, and it never lost contact with the network! In fact, it worked perfectly and passed every test I could come up with. It’s a solid, well-engineered gadget. I also have to commend Waggle on their great tech support. Shortly after I set up my monitor, I received a call from a tech who asked if everything was working and if I had any questions. A nice touch!

The folks at Waggle are offering a great discount of 40 percent off the Pet Monitor 4G or 4G Lite.  Check out the Commercial Directory for more information.


Company Name and Info: Waggle | 450 Melville Ave #B Palo Alto, CA 94301 | http://www.mywaggle.com | Phone: 855-983-5566 | support@mywaggle.com

Online Shopping Links: https://mywaggle.com/ | See their Commercial Member listing for an Escapees discount link.

Average Street Price: MSRP: $199–$299, depending on options. Subscription plan: $16.5 per month if purchased quarterly.

Original Publication Date: MA/21