Dynamic Wheel Balancers

Does your RV vibrate and shudder going down the road? Do your tires show uneven wear patterns? If so, you might have tires that are out of balance. That usually means you’ll be taking the RV to a tire store to have the wheels balanced. Since tires tend to change as they wear, this balancing process may need to happen several times during the lifespan of the tires. Surely there must be a better solution!

Truckers have known for years that you can toss a few ounces of BBs or lead shot into each tire when they are being mounted to the rims and the BBs will magically spread around inside the tire to exactly the right place to balance the wheel and tire perfectly. It sounds like magic, but it’s actually physics. Each time you head down the road, centripetal forces, that are created as the wheel spins, drive the tiny weights to the right spot.

I’ve been running Dyna Beads in all my vehicles for years. Check them out at, http://www.innovativebalancing.com. The beads are ceramic and are added to the tire when it is mounted. The beads are also small enough to be poured through the valve stem of a mounted (and deflated) tire, so they can be added to any tire without the need to go to a tire shop. I love them in motorcycle tires! No ugly balance weights stuck to rims, and they even work in tires with innertubes. When it is time for new tires, the beads can be recovered and reused when the tire is dismounted. When it’s time for new tires, I take a cordless vacuum to the tire shop and suck the old beads out of each tire and use them again. The Dyna Beads website has charts to help you determine the proper weight/quantity for any tire size, and they are very affordable.

If you don’t want to play with bags of tiny beads, check out www. centramatic.com. Centramatic wheel balancers have been around for decades and are another great solution for wheel balance woes. These balancers are discs that can be inserted between the wheel and the hub. They utilize a sealed ring with balance weights and a thick fluid inside and work on the same principal as the beads. They are easy to mount, and last forever.

Either balance solution will eliminate the need for wheel weights and will even keep things balanced when a wheel gets loaded up with mud or snow. A properly balanced tire will last up to 25-percent longer, and you’ll love the smooth ride!

Complete Product Name: Dynamic Wheel Balancers

Company Name and Info: Innovative Balancing | 1651 E Sunset Rd Suite A109 Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 866-352-7251 | info@innovativebalancing.com | http://www.innovativebalancing.com Centramatic | 5345 South I-35W Alvarado, TX 76009 | 800-523-8473 | info@centramatic.com | http://www.centramatic.com

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Average Street Price: $10-$30 per Tire/Wheel, depending on size


Original Publication Date: JA/21