Battery Maintainer

It seems like RVers always need to store a vehicle or two. It may be your motorhome going into seasonal or long-term storage, a car that won’t be driven while you are away from your home base or a motorcycle that’s no fun to ride in the winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep the engine-starting battery in those vehicles properly charged while you are away? Enter the Schumacher 1.5 Amp Speed Charge Battery Maintainer.

This charger is designed for storage maintenance of
any 6-V or 12-V lead/acid battery. It provides a regulated
trickle charge to keep a fully charged battery topped off.
It is not designed to recharge a depleted battery, but it
compensates for small parasitic loads and the battery’s natural
tendency to self-discharge over time. It also provides
LED indication of charge status right on the front panel.
The charger comes with a set of battery clamps and an
additional cable with ring terminals to allow you to permanently
install a charging connector on the
vehicle’s battery.

I actually own five of these chargers
and use them on my motorcycles,
RV, truck and lawn mower. They are
extremely well-built and reliable.
Mine are four to five years old. I have
also found that keeping one of these
chargers on seldom-used vehicles
will extend the life of the battery
significantly. If you need a trickle
charger, this is the one (or two or
three) to buy.


Complete Product Name: Schumacher 1.5 Amp Speed Charge Battery Maintainer SEM-1562A-CA

Company Name and Info: Schumacher Electric |

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Average Street Price: $25–$30

Additional information: Available from most online retailers, Walmart and many auto parts stores.

Original Publication Date: ND/15