Compact AC Adapters

Every RVer should have a selection of electrical adapters onboard. This will allow you to hook up your
RV to the various electrical outlets you’ll find as you move around the country to various locations. These adapters are commonly referred to as “dog bones,” and they are essentially a plug and a receptacle attached to a short length of electrical cable. Since RVing is all about fitting what we need into a limited space, how about we lose that big dog bone in favor of some really compact AC adapters? Check out Voltec Power & Lighting make a wide selection of RV adapters and offer the first truly compact adapters I’ve seen. These adapters are well made and look like they’ll last for years. Voltec products are available from many RV parts stores, and you can find them on eBay and Amazon.

Complete Product Name: Compact AC Adapters

Company Name and Info: Voltec Power & Lighting |

Average Street Price: $10–$20

Original Publication Date: JF/16