Looks like the last filter system you’ll ever need to buy! Clearsource also offers a wide range of filter cartridges and accessories.

If you travel long enough, you’re going to encounter icky water. Occasionally, it will be a campground with unsavory tasting well-water and, frequently, a city water source that has more chlorine in it than a public pool. A good water filter can make a massive difference in the taste of your drinking water, and many RVers carry some type of filter along on the road.

The folks at Clearsource recently sent a couple of their filter systems for me to review. They offer systems that are designed to be installed permanently in an RV, and portable units that go in line with your freshwater hose. I was impressed with the build-quality of these systems! The filter housings are stout with leak-proof buttress-style threading, with all stainless steel components throughout, and everything is mounted in a powder-coated metal chassis.

Here is the manufacturer’s product information: “Engineered from the ground up for the RVer. Rugged, industry-exclusive free-standing chassis. Premium filter elements. Oversize, high-flow filter housings. All stainless steel fittings. First-stage 5.0 micron sediment filter removes silt, sediment and other particulates. In the second stage, the .5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter dramatically improves taste and smell. It also removes contaminants like pesticides, petrochemicals, cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, chlorine, chloramines and more. Industry-leading canister size gives maximum water flow for consistent pressure even with multiple fixtures in use.”


Company Name and Info: | 949-860-1561 |

Average Street Price: MSRP $275

Original Publication Date: JF/20