Coleman® Fold N Go™ Portable Grill

I have owned a number of portable grills over the years, and most of them have been adequate but not really ideal for my tastes (pun intended). I recently bought, on a whim, this small Fold N Go grill by Coleman, and I’m impressed by it.
First off, it is really small. It’s perfect for one or two steaks, eight to 10 chicken pieces, a few burgers or (my favorite) about half a dozen shrimp kabobs. It won’t feed a crowd, but it’s ideal for one or two persons. It closes up into a relatively grease-free, easy-to-stow package that is only 14”x16”x4.5”!

Here is an excerpt from the manufacturer’s description: “Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on a grill that folds up smaller than a briefcase with the lightweight Coleman® Fold N Go™ Portable Grill 9939 Series with InstaStart™ matchless lighting technology. Once you light the pro-pane-powered grill, the PerfectFlow™ pressure control system keeps the heat steady on the 6,000-BTU steel burner. It’s also easy to clean. A tray collects the grease while you’re cooking, and the heavy-duty, porcelain-coated steel grate is easy to remove and wipe down after you’ve eaten. A 16.4 oz. (464.93 g) propane cylinder powers the grill. Accessories like a stove grate and griddle are available to add flexibility to your menus.”
I have found it to be a perfect grill for my RVing needs. It gets hot enough to sear a steak and can be turned down low enough to cook chicken without burning it to a crisp. Best of all, it is inexpensive. It has a $90 list price, but you can get them for around $60 if you shop around. Even if you have a larger grill onboard, this small addition may be-come your go-to gadget for your grilling needs. Available at Walmart, Amazon and Camping World, it’s easy to find and cheap and fun to use. What’s not to like?

Complete Product Name: Coleman® Fold N Go™ Portable Grill

Company Name and Info: Coleman Outdoor Products | | | 800-835-3278

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Average Street Price: Price ranges from $60 to $90.

Original Publication Date: JF/15