Power Surge Protector

As we add more electronic goodies to our RVs, the need for surge protection grows. And it’s not just electrical surges. More power-hungry RVs increasingly challenge the RV park electrical environment, and low park voltage can harm appliances in your RV. Hughes Autoformers recently released the Power Watchdog, a new surge protector that offers up to 4,800 joules of advanced surge protection for your coach. This unit will automatically shut off power if the voltage drops below 104 V or goes over 132 V. It also detects dangerous wiring issues, such as an open ground or neutral or reverse polarity. Once power conditions are normal and stable for 90 seconds, the unit will turn back on automatically.

The surge board is user-replaceable. That’s important because, as the unit stops incoming surges, the protection devices inside are “used up.” When the surge protection needs to be replaced, the unit will show an error code. It will continue to protect against wiring problems and voltage issues, but won’t stop surges. Best of all, the Watchdog has built-in Bluetooth connectivity. You can monitor live park power conditions on your smartphone in real time! You can opt for text alerts to warn you of power problems sensed by the unit, see voltage, current and wattage, and there’s even a wattage counter that will monitor your total kilowatt hours used. The counter can be reset whenever you like.

I tested the 30A version on my RV. I found the app relatively easy to install and set up on my android phone. The unit has a good Bluetooth range: I was able to stay connected out to about 100 feet. It’s nice to be able to see voltage and current in real time, and the energy counter is handy, too. The unit is relatively large, about 12″ x 5″ x 3″, so stowing it may be a challenge for small rigs, but I think it’s worth the effort.

When you get to your campsite, plug the Power Watchdog into the receptacle and check to be sure the Watchdog’s face, on the unit, is glowing white. That sig-nifies the power receptacle is safe to use. If there’s any problem, the dog’s face turns red, and the unit displays an error code. If the dog is happy, plug your RV power cord into the unit and go on with your life.

Complete Product Name: Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector with EPO

Company Name and Info: Hughes Autoformers | 1523 North Harmony Cir. | Anaheim, CA 92807 | 888-540-1504 | info@autoformers.com

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Average Street Price: PRODUCT PRICING: $229—$256

Original Publication Date: SO/19