Portable Generator Umbrella

This gadget is a do-it-yourself solution to keep the rain off your portable generator.

A portable generator is a great option for RVers, as it lets you produce your own electricity at a reasonable cost. It’s great for trailers, as it doesn’t require expensive generator prep or the addition of a fuel tank. It’s great for motorhomes, even if you already have an installed generator. A small portable generator will run for hours on very little fuel and is easy to transport and maintain. I have a Honda EU1000, and I love it, but I have always worried about running it in the rain. Sure, you can place the generator underneath the RV, but I dislike the noise and always worry about exhaust fumes. I prefer to place the Genset away from the RV, but that leaves it exposed to weather. It turns out, that I simply needed an umbrella!

  • First, buy a compact umbrella. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one.
  • Next, you will need some kind of spike on the bottom of the handle to keep it secure. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways: You can simply drill a small hole in the removable cap at the bottom of the handle and glue a three-inch wood screw in the hole. If the handle doesn’t come apart, just use a hose clamp to attach the spike.
  • Pick up a standard cup hook
  • Screw it into the side of the plastic case on the generator. Be careful not to block any controls or drill into anything important.
  • To use the umbrella, simply open it, shove the spike into the ground next to the generator, and slip the stem of the umbrella into the cup hook. The spike makes it surprisingly wind-proof and it will keep your generator dry without affecting air flow or exhaust.

Complete Product Name: Portable Generator Umbrella

Average Street Price: Under $10 - 1 Cup Hook, 1 Cheap small (compact) umbrella, 13" deck or wood screw, Glue or hose clamp as needed

Original Publication Date: JA/22