Tool Kit for RVers

Like most gadget guys, I love tools. I especially love tools that come in sets, and the more compact and portable the set, the better.

A couple of years ago, Neil LeKander #54622 first introduced me to the Craftsman Test Instrument Kit, available at Sears stores and at This is a great set of tools for RVers. The set includes a digital multimeter, an AC clamp ammeter accessory for the meter, an infrared non-contact thermometer and an AC voltage detector. The meter is great for keeping tabs on your 12-volt battery system or troubleshooting electrical problems, and it has a 10-A DC amperage capability as well. With the clamp ammeter, you can measure AC current up to 200 amps. The infrared thermometer is great for checking tire, brake and hub temperatures while you travel. It is also great for checking the temperature of just about anything. How hot is your barbecue? How cold is your beer? You get the idea. Finally, the kit includes an AC voltage detector. This pen-sized tool buzzes and lights up whenever the tip gets close to an energized AC circuit. Not only is this handy for tracing wiring, it will also detect a dangerous “hot skin” condition on your RV. This can be caused by a failure in the shore power pedestal or the RV’s internal wiring and can cause the metal parts of your RV’s exterior to become electrically hot.

All these neat tools fit into a compact carrying case that’s small enough to fit almost anywhere. I highly recommend it, and you can’t beat the price. You can purchase these online for under $100 with free shipping. Visit and search for item #82004. Thanks, Neil!

Complete Product Name: Sears Craftsman Test Instrument Kit

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Average Street Price: $99.99

Original Publication Date: JF/14