Tie Down that Tank

I recently received a gadget that generated one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.

It is a well-thought-out tie-down strap for transporting portable propane tanks in a pickup truck. Called the TailGater, it is produced by Steve Woodford #111099, an RVer who saw a need and found a way to fill it. Anyone who needs to routinely transport propane tanks back and forth to a filling station also has to come up with some kind of method for securing the tank in the vehicle. I have tried bungee cords, boxes, milk crates and rope, but nothing really works with any true measure of security. I’m always afraid that hitting the brakes will send the tank flying. This is not so with the TailGater. It is easy to use, will fit any truck with a tailgate and holds the tank upright in a 100 percent secure manner. It really is the ultimate solution for transporting these tanks safely. Check out the TailGater Website at http://www.tailgaterstrap.com and look at the pictures. I bet you’ll have one of those moments just like I did. And the best part is—it’s affordable! At only $18.95 each, plus shipping, it really is a must-have gadget. Plus, Steve and his wife, Maria, conceived and developed the product all by themselves, and they even applied for and received a U.S. patent on the TailGater without resorting to a patent lawyer for assistance. I’m proud to see that there are still good old American inventors out there who are bringing useful new products to the public.

Complete Product Name: The TailGater strap system

Online Shopping Links: http://www.tailgaterstrap.com

Average Street Price: $18.95 plus shipping

Original Publication Date: JF/13