Replacement Compartment Locks

Did you know that most RV manufacturers use the same key pattern for storage compartment locks on every RV they build?

Look at your RV keychain. If your storage compartment key is stamped CH-751, then almost every RVer has a key to your RV! This is probably okay if all you have in your compartments is sewer hoses and old lawn chairs. However, if you carry valuable items in your outdoor compartments, it’s time to think about replacing your original compartment locks.

Thankfully, replacing these locks is neither expensive nor difficult. For the standard cylinder-type compartment locks, check out Industrial Lock & Hardware Inc. ( They sell sets of replacement locks with unique keys, and they have a handy measuring guide on their site to help you determine the correct replacement size. Simply remove one of your old locks and compare it to their sizing chart, which you can print from the website. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. Give them a call and they’ll mail you a chart. Ordering is easy, and you can have any number of locks keyed alike. I recommend the tubular lock style, as they are much harder to pick. These are the same style locks that you see on vending machines.

If your storage compartments use latches with integral locks, you have two options: Either remove the latch mechanisms from your doors and have a locksmith re-key them, or simply purchase new ones from a source such as

Complete Product Name: Replacement Compartment Locks

Company Name and Info: Industrial Lock and Hardware Inc. |

Average Street Price: $11.99 and up.

Original Publication Date: MA/19