Overhead Collision ALERT SYSTEM

The Giraffe G4 is a product from the commercial trucking industry that can benefit RVers. Simply put, it measures the height of any solid overhead object.

The transducer can be mounted on your RV or tow vehicle, and a digital display goes on your dash. With a couple of simple setup steps, the G4 will sound an alarm if it senses any obstruction lower than the minimum safe height for which it is programmed. It will also give you a height measurement that is updated in real-time as you pass under a structure or solid object, and this is good information to know. Sometimes a bridge or overpass may be lower at one end.

Overpass height signs are notoriously unreliable, and sometimes the signs are missing. While rural interstate highway overpass clearance is required to be at least 16′, that requirement drops to 14′ in urban areas. State highway minimum clearances vary by state, but 14′ clearances are common. On secondary roads, pretty much anything goes.

There are a number of mounting options for the transducer, but
the simple magnetic mount option will work for most trucks towing trailers. I have road-tested it thoroughly, and it works well. I did find that it won’t sense tree branches and leaves, only more significant large limbs, but it works great on things like a bridge, overpass or gas station cover or awning. Obviously, this isn’t something that works at road speed; it’s only effective during slow-speed maneuvers.

So, the question is: do you need one? I would say that anyone towing a tall trailer or fifth-wheel will need one on their tow vehicle, especially If the trailer height exceeds 13’6″. The transducer can be mounted far forward on the truck hood, and you’ll be able to nose under a questionable obstacle and get a height reading without endangering your rig. For motorhomes or RVs that are under 11′ height, I’d say it’s more of an option than a necessity, unless you RV in parts of the country that have a lot of low clearance structures, like the covered bridges and low railroad overpasses commonly found in the East.

I found that, with the G4 on board, I still have to pay attention to low tree branches in RV parks, but I’ll never worry about pulling into a gas station again!


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Average Street Price: MSRP: $250 plus $20–$30 for the correct mount for your application

Original Publication Date: MA/20