Sewer Hose Storage Tube

The time has come to speak of one of the least-loved RV accessories: your RV sewer hose.

Referred to as the “stinky slinky,” it is nevertheless a necessary gadget, and it deserves special treatment. After all, we wouldn’t want it to turn on us and spring a leak or fail at a crucial moment! The best way to extend the life of your sewer hose is to protect it between uses, so I’m going to show you a neat RV gadget you can build yourself—a sewer hose storage tube. It’s easy to build, inexpensive and will hold both a 10-foot and a 20-foot hose. Plus, it will protect your hose, and it won’t rust like your bumper storage. Here’s how:

Go to your local building supply store and pick up a single length of four-inch, thinwall PVC drain pipe. Get two sets of the standard four-inch threaded ends and some PVC cement.

At the rig, find a place where the pipe can be mounted underneath and the ends can be accessed from either side of the rig. The rear bumper area, or under the rear of the rig, is usually a good spot. Cut the pipe to a few inches less than the rig is wide and glue on the ends. This pipe can then be mounted to the underside of the rig using a variety of means. The simplest is to use some “plumber’s strap” to hang the completed pipe from the underside of the rig.

The cost for this project is approximately $25.

Complete Product Name: Sewer Hose Storage Tube

Company Name and Info: Home Made

Average Street Price: Approximately $25

Original Publication Date: ND/13