Dispenser Kit

I think a good RV gadget should be entertaining or reduce your workload or make an annoying task easier.

This little gadget definitely fits the third criteria: It is a simple system to automatically add black-water tank treatment to your holding tank each time you flush.

The Blue Streak Automatic Chemical Metering and Dispenser Kit for RV and marine toilets is a simple wall-mounted dispenser that is easily installed on most RV toilets. Once it’s in place, you just fill it with the included Blue Streak chemical, and the system goes to work.

Each time you flush, a small amount of tank treatment is injected into the flush water. The dispenser has no moving parts, uses no electricity and is small enough to be quite inconspicuous.

I’ve been using mine for a couple of years, and I really like the “flush and forgeddaboudit” aspect of the system. I suppose you could use a variety of different products in the dispenser, but the manufacturer recommends that you stick with their specially formulated chemical. Not a bad idea, as it works well to control odors and it’s a non-formaldehyde deodorant that contains detergent to help clean the toilet bowl and holding tank and a lubricant to help keep the seals working smoothly. Plus, it turns the water in the bowl a pleasing shade of blue for those of you who like that kind of thing.

The dispenser kit includes installation instructions (for those who read them), hardware (screws and clamps) and one quart of Blue Streak chemical.

The company’s president, Carl Sumerix, sums it up in few words: “With each flush, it deodorizes, cleanses and lubricates. One less thing to mess with, and it does a better job.” I agree!

Complete Product Name: The Blue Streak Automatic Chemi-cal Metering and Dispenser Kit

Company Name and Info: Blue Streak, LLC. | 866-677-0994 | cls@bluestreakchem.com | http://www.bluestreakchem.com

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Original Publication Date: MA/11