Batten Down the Hatches

Bumper hatches, that is. Most towable RVs utilize the square, rear bumper for sewer hose storage.

Unfortunately, the rubber plugs or caps that are supposed to stay attached to the openings in the bumper rarely hang around. They tend to vibrate loose and wind up on the side of the road. Some RVers even forget to put them back on after stowing the sewer hose. Don’t ask how I know that!

There is a great solution available: a bumper cover that stays attached to the bumper. Enter the Design for Fun Bumper Hatch, reputed to be the last bumper cover you will ever buy.

I have been using these on my RVs for years, and they really are a superior solution. The Bumper Hatch cover attaches permanently to the bumper opening with a couple of self-drilling metal screws, and it gives you a latching, hinged door that allows access to the inside of the bumper.

They are available from most RV parts sources, including Camping World.

Available in black or white, a pair will set you back about $15, and they are worth every penny.

Here’s a tip: Be sure to mount them with the hinge facing forward. That way, the wind can’t blow them open.

Visit, a great RV gadget Website that has photos and info on the Bumper Hatch. Check them out for other RV ideas.

Complete Product Name: Design for Fun Bumper Hatch

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Average Street Price: About $15

Original Publication Date: MJ/12