Thermacell Backpacker

I’ve reviewed other Thermacell products, so when they recently came out with a new backpacker version, I was interested, but skeptical, as I don’t backpack often. However, this may prove to be the ultimate mosquito solution for RVers as well.

For those who are unfamiliar with Thermacell products, the repellent is contained in a replace-able wafer that lasts approximately four hours. The wafer is heated by a small butane-powered burner and releases a vapor that creates an approximate 15’x15′ mosquito-free zone. The vapor is not offensive to my nose and is most effective in relatively calm condi-tions. And, yes, it really does work! We have a hardy mosquito population in East Texas, and Thermacell is the most effective repellent product I’ve found. Sprays work, but I hate the smell and the mess.

The Backpacker is tiny, and comes with its own little storage bag. It operates on the same small butane cannisters that other backpacking appliances do (stoves, lanterns, etc.). Now, that’s great for backpacking, but here’s why I think it’s an excellent setup for RVers, too.

Thermacell’s other devices use a small disposable butane cartridge that’s supposed to run for 12 hours, and the small pads are good for four hours each. However, the butane and the pads never seem to come out even for me. I’m always running out of propane, or swapping partially used pads for new ones. With the Backpacker, a single eight-ounce fuel cannister will run it for 180 hours. That will probably last you a whole season. You buy the replacement pads and swap them out when depleted. Conveniently, the new pads are blue and turn white when depleted. The pad is fully effective until it turns 100% white. I find that I use fewer pads with the Backpacker and get the most out of them.

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Company Name and Info: Thermacell Repellents, Inc. | 26 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730

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Original Publication Date: JA/18