Occasionally, I’ll receive a product for testing that turns out to be so great that I can’t live without it. The 10-inch Geek Aire cordless portable fan that the good folks at FLI Products sent me definitely meets that criteria. It’s simply the best little fan I’ve ever had. Strong words, I know, but read on.

The build-quality on this fan is excellent, and it’s waterproof to IPX4 standards, so you don’t have to worry if it gets rained on. It’s reasonably quiet at full speed and quite silent at lower speeds. The fan speed is infinitely adjustable from nothing to full blast. It moves a surprising amount of air for such a small fan, and it’s cordless. It runs on a built-in 7800mAh lithium-ion battery and recharges either with an AC adapter or a 12V cigarette-lighter plug and cord.

Anytime I receive a cordless gadget, I’m skeptical of the manufacturer’s claimed battery life. They claim it can run 4.5-24 hours (varied by speed setting) and takes two to three hours for a full recharge. I have tested mine thoroughly and found that it ran a little longer than they claim. At medium speed, enough for a perceptible breeze, mine was still going after 12 hours, and it ran close to six hours at full blast. There is an LED battery gauge on the top of the battery case that’s bright enough to see even in direct sunlight, and it allows you to keep an eye on the charge level. The brushless DC motor is super-efficient and will run reliably at a low speed. The design and engineering of this gadget are spot-on.

I love to boondock, and this fan has seen a lot of use while I traveled during August and September. It makes sitting outside pleasant on a warm (or hot) day. This fan produces enough airflow to keep the skeeters and no-see-ums away and makes it feel 20 degrees cooler. It will quietly run all night at a moderate speed and makes sleeping much more comfortable on warm nights. If you have RVers (especially boondockers) on your Christmas list, this will make an excellent gift for them.

Geek Aire makes a variety of fans from small handheld units up to a 16-inch version of the 10-inch fan I tested.


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