Great Gadgets for Pet Owners

Most of my favorite gadgets are problem-solving devices, so when I experience a new problem, I immediately start looking for a new gadget to solve it.

Well, I’ve discovered a couple of real dandies for you folks who travel with pets. In fact, these gadgets saved me from being overwhelmed by a buildup of literally pounds of dog hair on my trip to Quartzsite. Intrigued? Read on.


I have an outdoor dog at home named Buddy, who is an unfathomable mixture of shepherd, Aussie, setter and “who knows.” He’s a large dog, and, until recently, he hadn’t been traveling with me in the RV. But when I headed out in January to visit Quartzsite for a few weeks, I decided to take him along.
Now, I have a really small RV, a 19-foot class-C, and I was quite unprepared for the phenomenal amount of dog hair that began to build up inside that small space. I needed help, and fast. Thankfully, Rob Felding #91506, sent in his favorite gadget a couple of months ago, and it was a perfect fix for my problem.

Rob said, “One tool, at home or on the road, I would never again be without is the FURminator ( You will be amazed at all the excess hair you can remove from your pet.” You can find these de-shedding tools at PetSmart and PETCO stores, and I was truly impressed at how well, and easily, they work. I sat outside with Buddy and FURminator, and, in a few minutes, I had a respectable pile of dog hair that would never get loose inside the RV, and Buddy seemed to like the attention. That’s a win-win!

The Mr. Sticky Family

Okay, the hair’s off the dog (well, you know what I mean), now I need to de-hair the RV. And, as chance would have it, I discovered another gadget for this right at the Quartzsite Big Tent show. It’s a set of lint and hair pickup rollers that are permanently sticky and reusable (

You just roll one over the hair and it sticks to the roller. Then you rinse the roller with running water, and when the water hits it, it stops being sticky and all the hair comes off. Dry the roller and it’s sticky again. Amazing!

The set I bought comes with a large floor roller, a medium handheld roller for seats and upholstery and a mini roller for purse or pocket. (But wait! There’s more!)

These come with a lifetime stickyness guarantee, and mine really did the job on the hair buildup.

The combination of the de-shedding tool and pickup rollers made all the difference in the world. If you travel with pets, check out these gadgets! Well, so much for my harrowing (or hairy) tale. I’ll see you next time with some more neat RV gadgets.

Complete Product Name: Mr. Sticky Lint Rollers | FURminator

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Original Publication Date: MJ/10