Gorilla Tape and Goof Off

If you think I have an obsession with duct tape, you’d be right. Well, I recently “discovered” the best duct tape ever: Gorilla-brand heavy-duty duct tape.

This tape has a super-aggressive adhesive that is twice as thick as standard tapes, and it will stick to surfaces that other tapes can’t handle, like brick or stucco.

Uneven surfaces are no problem for it and the adhesive doesn’t seem to dry out and quit with age like most other brands. Plus, it has stronger fabric reinforcement and a weather-proof matte exterior that will stand up to direct sun and all sorts of weather. With a little attention to surface prep, I think this tape could even provide permanent repair—it’s that good!

The surface needs to be clean, dry and free of any traces of oil or grease before you apply it. I have found that Goof Off is an excellent cleaner and primer for this tape and it’s another item you should probably have in your gadget box.

Goof Off is a solvent designed to remove sticky stuff, like old adhesives, road tar and paint. I repaired a crack in my RV shower tub by cleaning the area with Goof Off pro-strength solvent and applying a single piece of Gorilla tape. It is holding up well and shows no signs of letting go. While I’ll eventually need to replace that tub, it doesn’t look like I need to be in a big hurry about it. Both Gorilla tape and Goof Off can be found at home improvement stores and online.

Complete Product Name: Gorilla Tape | Goof Off Pro Strength

Company Name and Info: Gorilla Glue Inc. | 800-966-3458 | http://www.gorillatough.com || W.M. Barr & Company | 877-466-3633 | http://www.goofoffproducts.com

Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/3oxHAXW

Average Street Price: Gorilla Tape Priced Under $10 || Goof Off Pro Strength Priced Under $5

Original Publication Date: MA/16