Universal Plate Repair Kit

Let’s talk about the universal plate repair kit. No, it’s not for dinner plates, or upper dental plates, but rather for plates where gas spring door hardware attaches.

Many RVs have gas springs on their outer compartment and bay doors, and, all too often, a strong gust of wind (or a passing neighbor) can cause damage to an open cabinet door. The weak point seems to be at the spot where the gas spring attaches to the door. Over-extension will often damage or detach the door-mounted hardware, leaving you with that dreaded “Now what?” feeling.

Well, Hatchlift makes a universal plate repair kit, and it’s designed to fix this problem.

The manufacturer of this product says: “The plate repair kit includes an adhesive-backed galvanized plate, primer and screws to reinforce the back of an RV door where existing spring brackets have failed. The plates can be used to mend or patch any flat surface.”

Visit http://www.hatchlift.com online and click on “RV Accessories.” Hatchlift also sells replacement gas springs in many common sizes. If you want to install gas springs on your compartment doors, Hatchlift sells a wide range of kits to convert your existing compartment and bay doors to gas spring operation. This is especially handy when you have doors that are hinged at the top. The repair kit retails for around $18, but you can often find them cheaper online. Door kits start at around $40. They also sell bed-lift kits for around $60.

Complete Product Name: Hatchlift

Company Name and Info: HATCHLIFT | PO Box 280804 | Lakewood, CO 80228 | info@hatchlift.com | 303-233-6083

Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/35ARaAM

Average Street Price: $18- $40

Original Publication Date: SO/17