Home Armor Flexible Sealer

It seems like we RVers are constantly dealing with leaks of some sort as we travel around the country. In the past, I have shared a couple of my favorite leak repair products: WoundSeal and EternaBond. Well, I have just discovered another sealer worthy of gadget status: Home Armor Flexible Sealer.

This is a rubber sealant in a pressurized can that can be sprayed onto a surface to seal it. Being fairly low-viscosity (somewhat thin and runny), it excels at penetrating small cracks and holes. It dries into a firm rubber mem-brane that should last for years, even if exposed to the weather. I have used it several times on my RV, and I’m impressed with how well it works. I have found that multiple coats work the best, and you can build up a nice thick patch that way. Because of its tendency to flow, it works best on relatively flat surfaces.

The manufacturer’s product overview says:
• Liquid rubber in a can—the fast, easy way to repair leaks around your home
• Sprays on to form a flexible seal that’s airtight, waterproof and lasts for years
• Unaffected by blazing heat while maintaining more flexibility in extreme cold than the leading competitor
• Won’t drip, sag, chip, crack or peel
• Bonds to all types of metal, wood, plastic, brick, concrete, PVC and more
• Paint over to make a beautiful, virtually invisible seal

Best of all, you can find it at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace hardware stores and even on Amazon.com. It comes in clear and black and retails for around $10. It has a long shelf life, so add a can to your gadget box. You never know when you’ll need it. The Home Armor brand also includes a range of home and patio cleaning products, including some mold/mildew removal and prevention sprays. I may have to check some of those out as well.

Complete Product Name: Home Armor Flexible Sealer

Company Name and Info: W.M. Barr | PO Box 1879 | Memphis, TN 38101 | 888-326-7743 | http://www.homearmor.com

Average Street Price: MSRP: $9.87

Original Publication Date: MJ/15