Let Your Light Shine

RVers must be natural problem solvers, because so many have contacted me to share their fa-vorite gadgets. Thanks to Guy Gipson #84383, who sent me the following information. Guy also compiles the “Day’s End” column.

“No RVer should be without one or more LED headlamps. When I’m boon-docking and want to save battery power by not turning on house lights, my LED headlamp is the only light I turn on. Even when I have shore power and can turn all the lights on if I want, I still use my LED headlamp to peer down into the bottom and back of drawers, closets, cabinets. Also handy for walking around outside at night, it points right at and illuminates the exact area you want to see, every time. The big advantage of an LED headlamp over an ordinary flashlight is that both hands are free. No more holding the flashlight in your mouth or tucked under your arm.”

I totally agree. These little gadgets are incredibly useful, and inexpensive to boot. There are a couple of different styles. The LED headlamp is a bright light attached to an elastic headband. There are dozens of different headlamp designs, but they all do the same thing: they put a bright, focused, hands-free light on your forehead. The other style, and my personal favorite, is the LED Cap Light. If you already wear a ball cap, these lights clip onto the brim and do essentially the same thing as the headlamps but without the stretchy headband thingy.

Either style works great whenever you have to do anything in the dark or in low-light conditions. I find them indispens-able for taking the dog for that “before bed” walk. Not only does the Cap Light let me see where I’m going, if Buddy does what all dogs doo, I don’t have to balance a leash, a flashlight and a poop bag in two hands. If you do the math, that’s one hand short!

The price for even the most expensive models rarely ex-ceeds $40, and if you shop around, you can find them for a ten-spot or less. Walmart carries them in sporting goods, and most outdoor shops, like Bass Pro and Academy, have wide selections. Flea markets are a good place to look for deals. I bought most of mine (yes, I have several) in Quartzsite for a few bucks apiece. I actually have one in every vehicle as well as a couple scattered throughout the house. Call me addicted! Can’t find them locally? Go to Walmart.com, Amazon.com or Buy.com and search for “LED Headlight” or “LED Cap Light.” You’ll find a bunch.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Complete Product Name: Dorcy 145 LUMEN Headlight | MasterVision 308G6W Cap Light

Company Name and Info: Dorcy 145 LUMEN Headlight | 877-367-2948 | http://www.dorcy.com | http://www.mastervisionlight.com

Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/3mxWko1

Average Street Price: $14.99- $40.

Original Publication Date: SO/10