Wine Glass Holder

I have found an excellent gadget for wine lovers who want to keep their stemmed glassware safe in their RV.

It’s called a Wine Yoebi, which is hard to spell and even harder to say, but it’s a neat little holder that will protect your favorite stemmed wineglasses from damage as you travel down the road.

The Yoebi folks have been making these holders for boats and recently decided to expand into the RV
market. The RV holder attaches to any drillable surface with three screws and is perfect for inside cabinets. Or, if you prefer, they also offer a self-adhesive version that makes a great holder for your
glass on your wobbly, chair-side table.

You can check out all their holders at Best of all, the holders are affordable at under $7 each.

Complete Product Name: Yoebi Wine Glass Holders

Company Name and Info: Nargiboy LLC | 5 Oak St. | Southwick, Ma. 01077 | | 860-983-4107

Online Shopping Links:

Average Street Price: $6-$8

Original Publication Date: ND/16