Weather Direct Gateway

I found a nifty gadget, but it’s not really an RV gadget per se. It’s more of a consumer electronics gadget that just happens to be a great RV problem solver. And, like many gadgets, it may actually solve a problem you didn’t know you had!

Introducing the Weather Direct Gateway, a new wireless interface that works with some of Lacrosse Technologies’ well-established weather sensor and weather station product line. This gadget receives signals from wireless temperature and humidity sensors and uploads them via a DSL, cell or satellite Internet connection to the Weather Direct Website operated by Lacrosse. You can access the current readings from one or more sensors in near-real time and also download logs of readings that have been saved for weeks or months. But that’s not the best part!

You can sign up for alerts! These can be e-mails or even cell phone text messages sent to you whenever a sensor ex-ceeds limits that you set up. The alert service is free for the first year and will set you back $19.95 per year after that, but think of what you can do with some smart temperature probes and programmable alerts.

• Snowbirds can monitor their home’s indoor temperature and humidity for freeze protection while
wintering in the South.
• RVers with pets can monitor the temperature in their rig while they are out and about in hot
climates, ensuring that their pets are protected from extreme temperatures if something fails in the RV.
• Monitor the temperature inside a freezer or refrigerator to prevent food spoilage.
• Monitor your RV while it is in storage for excess humidity or temperature.

The wireless sensor will transmit a signal up to 200 feet and measures:
1. Ambient temperature
2. Ambient humidity
3. Remote temperature using a 6’ waterproof temperature probe (included)

The Weather Direct Gateway receives measurements from one or more sensors and uploads them to your account page at That’s where you can set up alert ranges for all of your sensors, download collected readings and set up text message and e-mail alerts. The Website is well thought out and easy to use, even for folks who don’t speak “computer” as their first language. To use the Gateway, you need some sort of high-speed Internet access and a router or modem with an available ethernet port.

I tested the Gateway and sensor sys-tem on my Wildblue satellite Internet at home and the DSL at work. It pretty much plugs and plays with minimal setup and hassle. I suspect that folks with cellular Internet through a USB modem or air card could use a readily available cellular router to provide a connection for the Gateway.

If you are interested in weather fore-casts, you can add a wireless display screen to the system that will give you full forecasts for your locale for the next two, three or four days, plus fore-casts for morning, afternoon, evening and night. In addition, you can access forecast information for over 60,000 lo-cations in the United States and Canada, including your hometown, golf courses, parks, sports venues and more. I didn’t get one of these displays to test, but they look pretty cool!

While this may not be a gadget for every RVer, some folks will appreciate the freedom from worry such a monitor-ing system can provide.

The basic system, with one combina-tion temp/humidity/remote temp sensor and the Weather Direct Gateway, will set you back less than $70. Additional sen-sors are under $30, and you can use up to 20 sensors on a single Gateway! Website registration is free, and e-mail/text alerts are free for the first year.

Weather Direct products are available at Radio Shack stores, com, and through the La Crosse weather direct Website at
I purchased mine from Ambient and got a great deal: two sensors, the Gate-way, and a two-day forecast display for around $80! That was a special sale price, but shop around and see what you can find.
La Crosse generously donated the Gateway and monitor we evaluated for the RV Gadget Box to Escapees CARE. Thank you!

Complete Product Name: Weather Direct Gateway

Company Name and Info: La Crosse Technology®, Ltd. | 2809 Losey Blvd S. | La Crosse, WI 54601 | 608-785-7935 |

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Average Street Price: $40-$80

Original Publication Date: JA/10