RV Door Window Shade

Most RV entry doors have a window, but in many cases, that window is frosted glass. That’s fine for letting light in; However, it’s difficult to see through! This can be a problem when someone knocks on your door, especially at night.

If you’re tired of having a window you can’t see through, drop by http://www.zarcor.com and check out their RV door window shade kit. It’s designed to replace that frosted glass and add a nice window shade to boot. John Halter, owner of Zarco, was kind enough to send me a couple kits to try out. I was impressed that everything you need to complete the job is included in the kit, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

I installed the shade-only kit in my RV, since my window already had clear glass. It was an easy shade to install, and the only tool I needed was a screwdriver. It looks and works great! I handed the complete retrofit kit off to Escapees Mark and Mary Poth #139279, who had a typical frosted window in their fifth-wheel trailer. Their kit came with new glass, sealant tape and a shade, which is available in several colors. Here’s what they said about the product: “Took about 45 minutes. We installed the clear glass window in our RV’s door yesterday. It was not a difficult process, and the finished product looks great. ”

Zarcor also offers custom window-shade products for Airstream trailers. For boaters, they have a complete line of shades and nautical gadgets, some of which would work fine for RVers. Check them out.

Complete Product Name: RV Door Window Kit

Company Name and Info: Zarcor / American Business Concepts | 4400 Sunbelt Drive | Addison, TX 75001 | 800-877-4797 | halter@zarcor.com

Average Street Price: $99-$129

Original Publication Date: SO/18