If you’re RVing away from hookups, water is always in short supply. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bit of extra water onboard? Sure, but what do you do with the empty water container when you don’t need it? I’ve experimented with inexpensive collapsible water jugs in the past, but they never seem to collapse back into a tidy package when empty and don’t hold up if you actually use and abuse them. Well, the folks at Smart Bottle have solved those problems, and then some!

Smart Bottles are lightweight and incredibly strong. When empty, they are designed to fold completely flat, and when filled, they become stable square containers that are easy to handle and use. Available in various sizes, the cleverly designed handles are built-in and surprisingly functional. There are a variety of spouts available, including male and female water-hose adapters that allow filling and emptying a bottle with a freshwater hose. They also have some great water filtration kits.

I really tried to break them. My test bottles (a one-gallon and a five-gallon) were dragged across concrete and dirt when full and dropped on concrete from shoulder height without a leak or any visible damage. These things are really tough! If a spare water jug is something you’d like to have in your RV, this is the one you want.


Company Name and Info: Smart Bottle Inc. | 81 Monticello Rd. | Weaverville, NC 28787 | 828-658-0912 | smartbottleinc.com

Online Shopping Links: On Amazon https://amzn.to/3m5ckNY

Average Street Price: Average price: $6–$20, depending on size.

Original Publication Date: JA/20