Silicone bakeware products

Here are some RV gadgets for all you cooks out there. Many thanks to Joann Warnke #47251 who sent in the following information:

“A SILPAT® is a flexible silicone liner for cooking scones, cookies, etc. It rolls into a tube shape (great for RV storage), it is nonstick, cleans easily and is an all-around standard piece of cooking equipment. It can be purchased online or in any kitchen store.”

Just looking at the SilPat Website ( got me thinking about all the neat ways to use a flexible, heat resistant, nonstick mat! Obviously, it’s great for cookies and baked goods, but it would be good for pizza, too. It also can be used to cover the turntable in a microwave or convection oven. A SILPAT or two will definitely be going into my gadget box. But wait, there’s more!

The SILPAT got me looking at other types of silicone bakeware, and this stuff appears to be designed with RVers in mind. It’s light, can be folded and tucked into small areas in cabinets, won’t rattle, cleans with a minimum of water, can go from oven (425F) to freezer (-50F) and is microwave safe to boot! Plus, a good-size set of bakeware (10 or more pieces) will only set you back $30 to $50 at most stores.

Drop by and search for “silicone bakeware sets.”

Target stores also carry a good selection.

I don’t do a whole lot of baking, but for those of you who do, a set of silicone bakeware and a SILPAT would be a perfect addition to your RV kitchen!

Oh, and don’t forget some silicone spatulas! I have a bunch of them, and they beat the old rubber spatulas hands down. They are heat resistant, so you can use them for cooking, and are almost indestructible.

Silicone basting brushes are outstanding, too, for spreading barbecue sauce or marinades on grilling meat. There are even silicone measuring cup sets and collapsible colanders and strainers.

Dang, time to go shopping! Happy cooking, and if you bake a batch of cookies on your new silicone cookie sheet, please remember me!

Complete Product Name: Silpat Mats

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Average Street Price: $14.95-$24.95

Original Publication Date: JF/11