weBoost Destination RV Cell Amplifier

Wilson Electronics recently launched a new cell booster system designed for RVers who sit tight for long periods of time. Called the “weBoost Destination RV,” the system combines the mobility of an RV cell signal booster kit with the power of a residential cell signal booster. Utilizing the weBoost Home MultiRoom’s powerful amplifier and a hi-gain Yagi directional outdoor antenna, it’s a powerful system indeed!

One of the unique design features is the outdoor antenna. The kit comes with a multi-section collapsible aluminum pole that extends to 25 feet without tools and slips into simple mounts that you attach to the side of your RV. The directional antenna connects to the top of the pole with standard antenna hardware, and plenty of Co-Ax cable is provided to connect to the amp inside. Setting this pole up takes about 30 minutes the first time you do it, but it gets quicker with practice. The antenna is directional, so it must be pointed at the cell tower you wish to use. That’s a bit of a project in itself, but there are several apps and tools that will help you identify the towers and pinpoint their location. Wilson provides
a guide on their website at http://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/blog/finding-cell-tower-locations-the-complete-guide/. I used http://www.cellmapper.net/map and was able to locate the tower and figure a compass bearing with little difficulty. Once the antenna is aimed correctly, the system performs very well. We saw a significant increase in signal strength and data speeds on our test installation.

This system is designed for RVers who typically stay in one place for extended periods. The antenna mast is pretty big and heavy, and even when collapsed, it requires about six feet of space to store it for travel.  Given the difficulty of set-up and tear-down, I’d agree that it’s not for RVers who move around a lot. So instead, Wilson offers the Drive Reach for the more mobile folks, a traditional mobile cell booster that permanently mounts the outside omnidirectional antenna on the RV. It doesn’t have the power and range of the Destination RV, but I installed one on a friend’s RV (Sky Renfro #78690), and he’s been happy with the unit’s performance.

Remember, a cell amplifier can only boost a signal that actually exists. If there’s no signal at all, a cell
booster won’t help you. Where these boosters shine is when you are on the fringe of reception with your phone or device. A booster will generally make an unusable cell signal useful and maybe even excellent!

Complete Product Name: Wilson weBoost Destination RV

Company Name and Info: Wilson weBoost | Contact Tracy Keller, Customer Support Manager, tkeller@wilsonelectronics.com | or 435-674-2047 ext.181 | http://www.weboost.com/products/destination-rv

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Original Publication Date: JF/22